13 Days Past Ides of January

A thing for 2017.

“Is computer programming hard to learn?”

Yep, that was the name of the Youtube video I was watching, one fine evening, before college had started. Tired as I was after playing hours of football, usually I click at some random compliation videos before dozing off. Never really putting much attention to coding videos at that time, this video didn’t caught my attention too, but much to my surprise, it’s comment section did.


This random guy named k3nny was helping everyone, sharing his experience and providing some ‘intrinsic’ motivation to everyone who ‘asked’ for it. And long story short, after a series of comments, which were very motivating at that time, the simple advice from him was to have a go at every possible activity, society, event or just some task that you might get a ‘first shot’ opportunity for.

And, that’s just what I did. Putting a finger of my feet, at a lot of places, simulataneously. If I were asked to complete an assignment, I’d complete it and then do some extra research/problems on it, to get an edge over everyone else, and also to stay intrinsically motivated.

Met so many people, joined so many societies, made many new families and down the line, it all went ‘O K’.

And today, I get to join one new family, much to my greed I confess, I believe this is one for the future. The Open Source Family, without much buttering, it sounds as good as it is and as it can get, I Hope. Sanyam Khurana (Curious Learner), a former student of my college, guided us through various topics, mostly quite basic (at least for him). I thank him for giving us his valuable time.Edit “13 Days Past Ides of January”

We learned about Version control, Git(the topic first year students understood the most), Git commands and then we went on to learn A-frame. The workshop was more motivating than anything else.

The best thing which happened was that I discovered a new path, a path if I surely work hard upon, with consistency, will deliver. If not success, then surely a family. A family with no hard feelings, where people would get to the point, straight on your face. A family where I’ll have to put a lot of effort on.

I feel ready. I am ready.


This is when the journey begins. It wasn’t the easiest of task to make announcements in every single class at the top of our voices, but it turned out unexpectedly overwhelming. 

The response was just fantastic.  More than 40 students showed up even before we did (we were punctual).  And then adding up to near about 60 by the commencement of the class. 

The plan was crystal clear, this was the first time coding experience for many of the first year students,  and we wanted it to be as basic as we wanted it to be interesting. 

We started off with who we are,  how we are what we are and most importantly WHY we (and the students) are here. Being straightforward open source enthusiasts, it wasn’t as difficult for us ‘Mozillians’ to make our students fall in love with open source as it once might have seemed. 

The response was not only overwhelming when it came to attendance but also equally amazing when it came to respone of the students towards what is being taught. 

By the end of the 4 hour long workshop,  where everyone seemed interested throughout, we as ‘teachers’ were delighted to conduct a successful workshop on  HTML and more importantly why is it important to be a programmer, a creator. 

The students, we feel, felt amazing. And we expect an even more audience the next time.